About PortraitBorn in 1986 in Switzerland, Son of a tailor and a teacher Simon Iannelli early learned to combine conceptual ideas with craftsmanship. As a little child he read every technical manual front to back to learn about the possibilities of a tool so he could execute his ideas in the best possible way.
In secondary school Simon started to take photography more and more serious. He organized photo shoots for small ads and local magazines.
During an internship as a full time assistant his decision to become a photograher matured. In 2008 he moved to Berlin where he studied photo design at Lette-Verein and graduated in 2011. Before and during his studies he worked for several people and advertising photographers and collected practical experience in creating unique and conceptually strong imagery.
During his education to become a photographer, he began to explore new ways to produce motion imagery with stop motion, super slow motion and cinematography. Simon is especially interested in commercial work which allows a fresh point of view. He offers a wide scope of work in people, still-life and advertising photography.
Momentarily Simon Iannelli is based in Switzerland where he works in his own photo studio in Berne.

Member of SBF, Swiss professional photographers and photo designers.

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